Taxes are used by the government to create programs for the people, build infrastructures, improve on processes in public and private institutions, and alleviate the existing problems in the city or state. When a tax is passed, the main goal is to build a budget to be used on persistent issues on the citizens and the current conditions that they are in. This is the main reason why taxes are being implemented in countries around the world. This is a means of the government to raise money for projects wherein the people can benefit from. Although the government has other ways to build funds, the taxes is one of the surest methods of getting enough money for programs and projects.

Taxes are good

Ideally, taxes are good because we, as citizens of a particular country, are helping to improve the situation of the country and alleviate its problems. We all want to give something to the government because we know that the money that we will be giving is actually an investment that is for the benefit of the whole country as well. Whether the money will go to the new buildings, bridges, programs, subsidies, hospitals, jobs, investments, foreign companies, and others, the taxes that we pay the government is actually good for us down the line.


Why there is a problem in taxes

As the governments of countries continue to evolve, the ways and means in which the taxes are collected have become somewhat confusing and at times blurry. It is because, sometimes, taxes, are over-implemented. This means that legislators tend to put taxes on almost every aspect of business or society. Sometimes, it is justifiable to implement new taxes on different subjects but most of the times, it can be quite questionable. This is why we always have to ask the reasons behind the taxes, why it is implemented, and the right projects to allocate the funds that will be collected using the taxes.

Repeal the Amazon Tax

Repeal the Amazon Tax is a website that aims to collect all the information surrounding the formulation of the tax, the legislators behind the bill, the people supporting the bill, when it was established to law, repealing of the law, the companies that are for and against the law, and other content. We are not for or against the Amazon tax. We are a watchdog that aims to look at the Amazon tax from the neutral perspective. We want to check each bill, the legislators that are supporting the bill, and what are the reasons why a tax is being implemented.

Take a look at our pages and see the articles that are published on our site. You will see the progression of the bill and transition into the law. You will also see how the repeal of the tax because of the concerned businesses that are affected by the law. Amazon was the main target of the ordinance because it is one of the largest companies that will pay the taxes. Read our content and you will also get voucher codes and coupon codes on products from our partner sites.

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